The Lisbon Treaty

Today the United Kingdom triggers the Lisbon Treaty Article 50 mechanism to leave the European Union. Personally, staying in the European Union seemed the only sensible way forwards for both business and protecting our human rights.

The campaign on both sides for the referendum was poor, inaccurate and seemed to consist of emotional blackmail messages.

The final settlement is unknown and is now subject to 18 months of negotiation by the United Kingdom government. Then we will wait for the other 27 European Union countries to agree.  Ultimately at this stage nobody knows how leaving the European Union will affect us but I’m sure we won’t have the same rights and abilities that we currently enjoy.

Regardless of the results of negotiations, clients can rest assured that Help For Writers has for some time been formulating a plan to ensure all our clients have access to all markets and will not in anyway be disadvantaged. Further details will be released as we get closer to leaving the European Union.

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