Why is there a word limit and image/graphic limit?


Our conversion of your manuscript into ePub and MOBI formats is done by hand. This means that a real human is working on it and checking it every step of the way to make sure the final file is just right and reads perfectly on all devices.

There are tools out there that offer to convert your file into ePub format free of charge by means of online formatting/editing software. There are strict formatting requirements for the successful conversion of a Word document or pdf into an ePub file. It isn’t as easy as it sounds at first, and if your file contains images or graphic elements the process is even more prone to serious errors.

Poor quality conversion is a big contributor to low-starred reviews, where readers will often comment on their frustrations when numerous formatting errors interfered with their enjoyment of a book. We want your finished product to reflect the quality and professionalism of the work you put into it.

However, if you have successfully converted your work into ePub and MOBI format already, we will be happy to distribute it to over 60 online stores worldwide via our Basic package.

Images / graphics

We have a ‘reasonable use’ policy of around 1 image per 3 pages (with a page being 400 words). If your number of images / graphics exceeds this, please contact us for custom pricing.