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oodlebooksLooking for a new way to promote your book? We’re proud to be teaming up with fansite Oodlebooks to offer authors a great way to reach new readers. This site – − is gaining massive traction among fans and writers alike, and is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your book.

For the fan, it’s completely free to join and allows them to find new authors that they may not have come across otherwise. Oodlebooks has guidelines for quality, overseen by their professional team, so readers know that when they use the Oodlebooks site they’re getting quality authors and quality books.

For authors who are using Help For Writers, you will benefit from a free account which will give you a presence on the Oodlebooks online bookstore. If you would like to leave it there, that’s fine. If you would like to better promote your books then the Oodlebooks team have all the tools you will need.

By upgrading your account to a monthly subscription, you will be able to grow and communicate with your fan base and start to see your book climb up their leaderboard. You will also have regular access to great marketing resources from both Help For Writers and Oodlebooks.

Jemma Beckham, author of YA novel The Tormented Witch, says: ‘Oodlebooks makes it easy to grow your very own list of “fans” and be able to communicate with them. Asking people to “sign up and turn my heart to red” is a lovely way of asking for help to grow your fan base via social media. Far better than to keep asking people to buy my book. I found it so easy to use. Now I have a growing list of fans, who I know are interested in my writing, and I can message via my author account with interesting content and any offers or book giveaways. It’s such a win-win.’

Author Ross Hewitt says: ‘I became a fan of Jonathan Lee and ended buying all three of his books and reading them. I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of him, and now I am avidly waiting for his next publication. I loved the site so much that I’ve ended up joining as an author as well.’

There are only two things you need to do

  • encourage your social media followers to become a fan at Oodlebooks, and
  • share the latest book marketing app technology that showcases you and your book and enables others to share it easily.

The app includes the option to showcase video book trailers, a ‘share’ link that adds the link automatically to all social media and a shopping cart with the purchase link of your choice − all in one place.

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