We have found a great blog article about e-publishing from Jane Friedman entitled ‘10 Questions to Ask Before Committing to Any E-Publishing Service‘ which outlines some very key points about the different types of services available. Having read it, we think that our new Help For Writers services have really hit the spot, so I am going to attempt to address the 10 questions in relation to our services. For more information about Jane’s opinions, follow the link above and read her blog post, it is very informative.

1. Is the service exclusive or nonexclusive?

Our services are entirely nonexclusive; whatever you do with us you are welcome to distribute to other stores yourself or through another company.

2. If it’s exclusive, what’s the term of the contract?

As previously stated, the contracts are nonexclusive and any eBooks published on stores can be taken down at the author’s request at any time.

3. Do you control the price?

Yes, all pricing can be set by the author as specifically as stores will allow.

4. What’s the upfront fee and/or how is the royalty calculated?

All our services involve an upfront fee to cover labour costs and our packages start from £60 inc VAT. Further information on pricing can be found on our Packages page and a full list of extra services on our Shop. However authors will keep 100% of the royalties from eBook sales and keep all the publishing rights to book as well.

5. Are there hidden fees or charges?

There are no hidden fees with Help For Writers, our accounting is open and up front. Extra charges are detailed in contracts and full pricing information is available on our online Shop.

6. What file formats do they accept?

We accept ePub, MOBI, MS Word, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Quark Express and DocBook XML documents. However, if you are providing us with anything except an ePub or MOBI, you must purchase the Standard or Premium Package, as stores will not accept any other formats and these packages include our formatting service.

7. Who owns the e-book files after they are created?

As already mentioned, all publishing rights are retained by the author so formatted eBooks remain the property of the author.

8. Are DRM protections or proprietary formats involved?

We leave that decision up to the author; they can choose to include DRM or not, it is up them.

9. Where is your e-book distributed?

Your eBook is distributed to dozens of stores worldwide including Apple iBookstore, Amazon Kindle Store, KOBO, WHSmith, Waterstones, Tesco and many more. A full list can be found here.

10. Can you make changes to your e-book after it goes on sale?

Yes you can. However once the eBook has been delivered to stores, this does involve a lot of work on our part. For this reason alterations must be paid for by the author but our charges are very reasonable. We do not want to unnecessarily bill authors so we encourage you to ensure you are happy with everything before sending it to us. Full prices for alterations can be found on our Shop.


We hope that this answers any questions that you may have. If not read about our author services in depth or see our FAQ page and if you would still like to anything else Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

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