5 Writing Tips from 'Default Setting' author Will Green

A note from Will Green about his Writing Tips:

“A few years ago I went through a nervous breakdown where my world completely fell apart. I was using alcohol, drugs and self-harming on pretty much a daily basis. One of the major things that helped pull me out of that dark period of my life was writing. It gave me purpose and focus so, for Mental Health Week 2016, I have put together a little video to give you my Top 5 Writing Tips. I hope you find them helpful.”

Default Setting: A Nervous Breakdown

If your world was pulled out from beneath you, how far would you fall?

We all have problems, that’s life right? We all deal with them in our own way. The choices we make define us.
Edward Staten is a recovering addict who has gone through tough times and come out the other side to build himself a life. But sobriety, for any addict, is a fragile state of mind and he’s finding out just how fragile it can be. The untimely end of his relationship and his broken heart trigger a relapse.

This period of Edward’s life is defined by alcohol, run-ins with the law, a callous and unforgiving boss, a stint in a mental hospital and a drug dealer that won’t let him go.

Default Setting is an insightful, unflinching, and, in places, darkly humorous look at the reality of a nervous breakdown. A tale of a man that, once again, finds himself at rock bottom and his search for escapism, and ultimately, a way out.

Can Edward break this destructive cycle and find redemption?


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