There are loads of blogs out there on how to overcome the dreaded writer’s block. Most of it tells you not to write – to take a break, to do something different, to take yourself outside your comfort zone, and so on. Some of it tells you to write – anything, even it it’s a shopping list; get some stream-of-consciousness going so that at least you have words. But sometimes you just need a place to steal ideas, and here are our top seven.

person writing

1. The library – the actual building, the big one full of books. Browse the nonfiction section and let your imagination take you in an unexpected direction.

2. Cryptic crossword clues. Just what is the story behind that surreal scenario?

3. Public transport – or any public place. Where is the man in the red trousers going with his Frozen rucksack, and what’s inside it?

4. A different setting. Try moving the action somewhere else – urban to rural, for example – and see what happens. See if your characters behave differently outside their comfort zones.

5. A place of worship – not one you normally visit. Gain an emotional insight into how people view the world differently and apply it to one of your characters.

6. A long walk. Ideas may rain on you. (Disclaimer: This is Britain. If you’re also from here, rain may rain on you. The same applies if it’s the monsoon season where you live.)

7. A roll of the dice. Write summaries of six different scenarios that you might find on the other side of your block. Roll the dice to determine which one to develop. By the time you get that far, you might already have the solution.

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