One Opinion On How To Keep On With That Novel

One Opinion On How To Keep On With That Novel

See the first instalment, One Opinion On How To Start That Novel, here. This edition details how to keep writing a novel once you’ve started. Stay focused:  […]
Jamie Mollart

An interview with The Zoo author Jamie Mollart

The Zoo is the debut novel by Jamie Mollart, which was included in Amazon’s Rising Stars of 2015 list. After hearing him read from it last […]
get the most out of novel editing

How to Make Sure Your Novel’s Ready for Editing

So you’ve decided to self-publish your novel, and you want to hire an editor to help.  After all, being an independent author doesn’t mean doing everything […]
Benefits of self publishing

Benefits of Self Publishing for Authors

With the rise of the e-book market, it has now become easier than ever to start self publishing your own books. The question whether or not […]