Preparing for self-publishing: how to get started. Heading text on background of books.

Preparing for Self-Publishing: How to Get Started

You’re well on your way to writing your book and you’ve decided to go down the self-publishing route. Great! Self-publishing gives you a lot of control […]
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Formatting your book for print

Ebooks might be cheap to produce and distribute, but if you’re thinking about self-publishing you might still want to do a short print run or make your book available […]

The Self-Publishing Process in Easy Steps

Are you considering the self-publishing process for your book? We hope you’ve been looking at our packages and services, but it can be hard to see where […]
Reaching A New Audience: Indian eBooks in the West

Reaching A New Audience: Indian eBooks in the West

Earlier this year we entered into a partnership with Book Hungama, a lively and creative store for Indian eBooks who are keen to get their authors’ […]