Benefits of self publishing

With the rise of the e-book market, it has now become easier than ever to start self publishing your own books.

The question whether or not you should self-publish has been around for a while, and one that we hear very often. It is true that there may be some stigma attached to going the DIY route, but the truth of the matter is that there are many pros that outweigh the cons.

Allow us to explain why self publishing matters:

  • With self publishing you don’t have to worry about deciding how many copies of your book to print, sometimes resulting in (expensive) piles of unsold books and with no way to shift them.
  • Getting your book out will likely be a lot quicker than the traditional route of going through a publishing house where it could take six or seven months for them to even get interest from an editor.
  • When distributing through a traditional publisher there are a lot more people involved who will ultimately take more cuts, resulting in less royalties getting back to you.
  • You have complete control over your book, the release process, marketing etc. at each step of the way – every decision is yours to make!
  • Anyone can self publish, where as the traditional route of publishing can be very hard to break into.
  • Traditional publishing companies pay royalties twice a year, where as self publishing not only has better royalty rates, but many pay out once a month too.
  • You do not have to ‘pitch’ your book in the way you would to a traditional publishing house. Most of the time you can simply get in touch and get started, you’ll probably be surprised by how quick and simple it really is.

Our experience tell us that the negative ideas that were once associated with self-releasing your books have long since gone. Promotion and marketing is now much easier to do yourself too, in fact there are many bloggers and publications that specifically look for indie and self-published authors to write about and review.

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