Book distribution

Publishing and book distribution can be confusing. As a definition the process of publishing is “to issue (printed, reproduced, textual or graphic material, etc.) for sale or distribution to the public.” This is what publishers do with books and ebooks in particular. Ebooks have risen over the past few years to become the source of 25% of book sales in America. They are a popular form of reading for both publishers and consumers as they are digital, eliminate costs such as printing and binding, and can reach a large number of people using e-reading devices.

With free choice in the stores you can to send your book to including Amazon, the largest e-book distributor, it can be difficult to decide which publishing company to use, due to the vast array of services and book distribution packages that are offered. The main aspect that should affect your decision is the cost that the publishers incur and how much support they offer, the number of stores they can distribute to, and whether they support other authors of a similar style to yourself.

Book distribution

Publishers do offer services other than just book distribution. In order to release books that are of a high standard, they will often critique and proofread your manuscript, suggesting elements that can be changed such as grammar, writing style, and other more crucial areas such as plot and pacing of the story. Depending on which publisher you choose, they will likely offer different options for you. The more drafts you can take to a publisher, the better the end product will ultimately be.

In addition to these standard roles, some publishers will also have art directors and designers on hand to help with the design of the book cover and other graphic elements. They may also have marketing and promotion teams that can plan a release date for the book and create a buzz about it in the build-up to release.

As a definitive explanation, a publisher ultimately takes the manuscript of your book and helps you to prepare for its release, fine tuning any elements that need work, and then distributes it to stores. Deciding which publisher is best for you ultimately comes down to what you wish to achieve and how many services the publisher can offer for their price. It is also important to recognise which publishers will give you the most support throughout the drafting process and which really show an interest in your release, rather than considering your book just one in a large pile they have to deal with.

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