Benefits of self publishing

Benefits of Self Publishing for Authors

With the rise of the e-book market, it has now become easier than ever to start self publishing your own books. The question whether or not […]
Taking Your Mind By Surprise with Story Grids

Taking Your Mind By Surprise

Edward de Bono of ‘lateral thinking’ fame suggested that introducing randomness and chance into the creative process produced better ideas than relying on what he called […]
The Commute by Mandar Latkar

The Commute by Mandar Latkar

Mandar Latkar writes about his daily commute and how his outlook changed over time. I love my job – well I don’t hate it – and […]
Bookmark This, Bookmarks

Bookmark This

A Bookmark, business cards, stickers and markers – these are among the many tools you can use for self-promotion, says self-published author Mike Bodnar. Bookmark As […]