Bookmark This, Bookmarks

Bookmark This

A Bookmark, business cards, stickers and markers – these are among the many tools you can use for self-promotion, says self-published author Mike Bodnar. Bookmark As […]

Growing Your Fanbase is the Key to Author Success

Most authors don’t mind a bit of hard work and appreciate that a necessary evil to writing is learning to promote themselves and their books effectively. […]

Working With an Editor: 10 Top Tips

At the Writing East Midlands conference, Cressida Downing, a.k.a. The Book Analyst, gave an excellent workshop on the topic of Working with an Editor. Here are […]
Finding The Right Independent Publisher For You

Finding The Right Independent Publisher

We work with lots of self-published authors and it’s no surprise that the Holy Grail for many is a traditional deal with one of the big […]