5 Easily Avoidable Book Title Mistakes Authors Make

5 Easily Avoidable Title Mistakes Authors Make

Have you ever struggled with the decision on what to title your eBook? Do you find coming up with the perfect combination of words to convey […]

One Opinion On How To Start That Novel

Get stuck in with your Novel Do not worry about your credentials, or whether you can see the end. Just start that novel. You will have heard […]
How Can Authors Promote Their Books Online?

How Can Authors Promote Their Books Online?

How can authors promote their books online? This question has loomed large ever since online self-publishing started to take off. Anyone can get their book out […]
5 Writing Tips from 'Default Setting' author Will Green

5 Writing Tips from ‘Default Setting’ author Will Green

A note from Will Green about his Writing Tips: “A few years ago I went through a nervous breakdown where my world completely fell apart. I was […]