Soul Music by Terry Pratchet

Book Review: Terry Pratchett – Soul Music

For those unaware of Soul Music and the Discworld series, it is a long-running comedy/fantasy series that began in 1983 with The Colour of Magic, continuing […]
Why Self-pub

Why Should I Self Publish My Book?

Self publishing can be a huge way to save money when preparing a book for release. With the rise of the digital ebook market, many authors […]
You Won NaNoWriMo - Now What?

You Won NaNoWriMo – Now What?

So… NaNoWriMo is drawing to an end and you’ve got your first draft down. You’re not very happy with it – that’s normal! A first draft […]
Why Help For Writers

Why Choose Help for Writers?

Trying to choose a distributor for your ebook can be a tough process. With so many different companies offering many different services and rates, it can […]