Sell your book worldwide as an ebook

You’ve written your book – now you need to get it to your readers!

Luckily, online distribution makes this quick and easy. We can convert your book into MOBI (for Kindle) and ePub (for everything else) file formats and get it into digital stores so that it’s available worldwide. Just click here to choose your package based on number of words and you’re away!


Please bear in mind that we convert your manuscript as you send it to us – we don’t proofread it for spelling mistakes, etc. unless you’ve specifically asked us to. Click here to take advantage of our proofreading service to give your book that final polish.

If you don’t want any help with proofreading, please bear in mind that an ebook is quite a different beast from a printed book. The reader can choose things like font, text size, line spacing and margins. The text will display slightly differently on different devices, too. To get the best possible results from the conversion process, we advise you to keep the manuscript formatting as simple as possible.

What happens next?

Once you’ve bought your package and created your account with us, you can upload your book, together with its cover and metadata (a fancy word for things like the blurb and keywords!) and hit ‘Submit’. This will alert us that your book is ready. We’ll contact you to confirm that we’ve received it and started work on the conversion. Once the files are ready, we will send them to you for you to check them on your own e-reader before we distribute them to the stores. You are welcome to contact us at any stage if you have any questions.

Get your book ready for printing

Planning to get your book printed as well? No problem! We can help with the formatting and layout. Save yourself the headache of fiddling around in Word and let us sort it out for you in Adobe InDesign. You’ll have a professional-looking pdf in no time. Click here to see how we can help you typeset your book for print.

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