Frequently Asked Questions

?I can get my book into online stores myself at no cost - why should I use your services?
We can distribute your book to over 60 online stores. There are services out there that offer to convert your file to ePub and get it on stores at no cost to you, but they only distribute to a small handful of stores or in some cases just one. Our service allows you to maximise the readership of your book. However, more importantly, we offer you a much better quality service too. With free services, you upload your text and you have to make sure it meets all of the stringent formatting requirements for conversion to an ePub or MOBI file. This can be fiddly, time-consuming, frustrating - and you are still likely to end up with formatting errors in your book. Poor quality conversion is a major contributor to negative reviews; it is off-putting and distracting for the reader. Definitely not what you want! Our conversions are all done by human beings. We check manually for formatting errors in the converted files and make sure your book reads exactly as it's supposed to on all devices.
?Can I publish on Amazon myself and still sign up for distribution elsewhere?
Yes, you can. When you order, just tell us that you don't want us to send your book to Amazon.
?How much will I be paid?
We don't take any cut out of your book sales. Different stores will charge you different percentages (usually between 30% and 50%) of the list price. This is all set out on your monthly payment statement so that you can see exactly where your sales are and where your money is coming from.
?How often will I be paid?
You will be paid monthly, at the end of each month. We will send you a statement showing your sales and income by store.
?Do I need to earn a minimum amount before I get paid?
No. If you have earned £1 in a month, we will pay you that £1.
?Can you distribute print copies of my book for me?
No. At the moment we offer an online-only distribution service. Our background is in the digital distribution of music, so we are very good at making sure the whole process runs smoothly. This sets us apart from many other online book distributors which have their roots in the 'vanity publishing' tradition and offer online distribution only as an add-on to their main business.
?Why aren't you the cheapest ebook distributor?
We want to give you a high-quality service. We believe our prices are competitive but quality is more important to us than being the cheapest. We are transparent with our pricing. Where the customer has to pay more, it's because we have to pay more. Our packages are also designed so that you're paying for exactly what you need - we're not trying to tempt you into buying a higher-priced package that you don't really need.
?Do you provide marketing or promotional services?
Yes, we do. Every author's marketing and promotional needs are different, which is why we don't price this service up in 'package' form. We believe you deserve a personalised service that works for you - contact us for an informal, no-obligation chat.
?Do you charge an annual fee to keep my book for sale in stores?
No. Unlike some services where you have to pay the whole package cost again each year to keep your book in stores, with us your book will remain in stores unless you ask us to take it down.
?Are there any hidden costs?
We certainly hope not and we have tried to be as clear as possible with our pricing. If you want to change your book after it has been delivered to stores there is a charge for this - please see the 'Other services' page where these costs are set out in full.