Help for Writers is now officially launched to the public.  Until now we have been building the business working with a small selection of authors to find a business model that will work for everyone.  We have seen the publishing model for authors is old and doesn’t give authors a fair opportunity or income.  In fact it was the publishers earning a good income and not the authors and we didn’t think was right, so time to revolutionize this industry and put the power back into the hands of the authors, who after all are the creators and who deserve it.

Using our skills from the music market we have a model that allows authors to earn 100% of their income and be global within a few clicks of the mouse.  We maintain the relationships with stores and ensure you are accounted too in good time and your products given promotion.  All you have to do is send us the content and we look after it from there leaving you time to get on with creating more books and raising your profile.

So if you have rights to your books, you’re a DIY author or DIY publisher, then Help For Writers is the way for you.  We have all the contracts in place and everything needed to convert your manuscript into the different formats needed to ensure your public can read your book no matter what device they are using.  What also makes us different to any other publisher is that we can publish your book no matter what genre or classification your book is, so if its a novel, an academic script, a short story, poems, horror book, children’s book, magazine or anything else, we can publish it for you.

We are available by phone or email and not hiding behind a system that makes it difficult to contact us.  As our customers, you come first.

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