Reaching A New Audience: Indian eBooks in the West

Earlier this year we entered into a partnership with Book Hungama, a lively and creative store for Indian eBooks who are keen to get their authors’ work available in Europe, the United States and other countries worldwide.

Since then we are delighted to have distributed seven eBooks for them, with more in the pipeline. Together we are working to increase the availability of Indian eBooks in the West.

There is a topic to please almost everyone in their catalogue: in A Commitment For Excellence, Uday Karnik writes about industrial management; Mukund Bhokarkar in Graffiti writes about sports, science and the human mind. Other topics range from alternative therapies (Ashok Shinde, Health Secrets to Light 100th Candle) and spirituality (Dr Deepak Ranade, The Whispering Woods) to Marathi language short stories (51 Nukkad Katha) and books in the Hindi language (Bhamati).

Their most recent title, by photojournalist Soham Sabnis, is a little different as it is the first photobook which they have sent to us for distribution. Landsort: Island of Happiness in Sweden catalogues Soham’s trip to this beautiful Swedish village on the island of Öja, as well as its distinctive lighthouse. Soham has written about his trip in this blog post – well worth a read to immerse yourself in the atmosphere surrounding his visit!

We would like to wish our colleagues at Book Hungama the best of luck for the future and we hope they get many more readers from all corners of the world before long!

If you are a writer who would like to get your work more exposure in India, please get in touch with us as we can get your book into the Book Hungama store for you – well worth doing, as iBooks does not cover India, and Amazon Kindle is not nearly as popular there; people are much more likely to read your book on their phone. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and get your book available to this extensive and growing market!

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