Reasons to self publish

It may seem like a huge task to try and go DIY and publish your work yourself, but nowadays this is much more achievable than it used to be. For example, 1 in 2 books sold on Amazon are self-published. Additionally, 39% of kindle bestsellers and 25% of print bestsellers are self-published. The UK publishing industry is worth £4.4billion and the US publishing industry is worth $28billion. This is a huge industry and there is more than enough room and success stories to add validity to self-publishing. Here are some key reasons to self publish:

Keep Creative Control

All the decisions are yours, you have no-one to report to. You can keep 100% creative control of your works without any influence of other companies.

Higher Royalties

You don’t have to hand out money to a publisher or agent.

Paid More Often

Money goes directly to you and you have more control over your finances.

More Agile

You can respond to trends faster. If there is an economic downturn and your sales decline then you can adjust the price of your book accordingly. If there is a hot topic in society you can write about this and release it without waiting for a publishing deal or your publisher’s permission.

Reach A Global Audience Directly

You can self-publish to Amazon, for example, which goes globally. You don’t have to go along with whatever your publishing contract says as sometimes these restrict what territories your book will be available in.

Reasons to Self Publish

Self-publishing doesn’t mean that you can get away with not involving anyone in the process whatsoever and expect huge returns. This is not a quick cash scheme. It is important to get a second party (preferably a professional) to proof-read, type-set, edit your book and create high quality cover art for you. Once your book is out there it will be beside traditionally published works that have perhaps had more money, time and professionals involved. You need to put yourself in the best position to compete against this.

For example, at Help For Writers we can give you those professional services without taking away your creative control or costing you a huge amount of money.

The decision of how you want to get your work to an audience is your decision, but just know that success no longer goes hand-in-hand with traditional publishing deals!

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