A critique is a short review giving suggestions for improvement. It’s a useful first step to check that your novel or novella is heading in the right direction and identify any major areas you may need to rewrite.

In our critique we’ll look for any problems with plot and characterisation, stylistic issues, and significant inaccuracies and inconsistencies. We’ll focus on the big picture, so a critique will look at the story arc, character development, pace, voice and structure.

All our critiques are unique and we actually read what you send us – we don’t use templates or fob you off with cut-and-paste. Our service is honest and impartial.

We are also happy to provide a critique based on a synopsis and some sample chapters; the cost is the same as below.

Cost: £50 for up to 100,000 words; £100 for up to 200,000 words.

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