The Stigma of Self-Publishing

Have you noticed how the world always seems surprised wherever there is a great book written by a self-published author?

There is no doubt in the fact that there is still a stigma attached to self-publishing. This isn’t true for everyone, but it is still the case for a large proportion of people.

For many, there are no quality checks with self-publishing and therefore these books must be poor quality. As these people see it, anyone could publish a book without any input from editors, designers or marketers. In fairness this is still a possibility, but it is no longer the reality for many self-published authors.

The industry has transformed as the authors realised the importance of these services; they also noticed that their readers expect a certain standard from the books they read. There have been major changes both in terms of quality as well as attitude.

Nowadays, to successfully self-publish a book, authors needs to seek the appropriate expertise to give their book an edge over the rest. On top of this, approaching agents and editors has become much more competitive.

Remove the Stigma of Self-Publishing

There term self-publishing has become a contradiction, there is no longer a ‘self’ in self-publishing. You need to surround yourself with a team of people who can make your book the best it can be. It doesn’t matter whether you have dozens of individuals involved from different companies, or whether you find a company who can do everything from editing and formatting to distribution and marketing. The route you choose is down to you, as long as you reach your desired destination.

From our experience, there are far more great books by self-published authors than most would dare to admit. At the end of the day, we are never going to fully remove this stigma, in the same way that there will always be a stigma against self-released music. The important thing is to keep creating the books we all love and to work with like-minded people who will help you prove the masses wrong. You know how great your book is, now it’s time to let the rest of the world know.

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