front cover of tibbs meets the witch of witchety woods - witch standing in woods talking to assembled animals

We would like to congratulate Help For Writers client Veronica Gibbs on securing a publishing deal with Austin Macauley!

Veronica has always been involved with the care of animals, working for the RSPCA and as a volunteer for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. She even appeared on a TV programme to promote the care of hedgehogs! So when she retired and decided to turn her hand to writing a children’s book, nature and animals featured heavily. Her first book, Tibbs Meets the Witch of Witchety Woods, features a farm cat who decides to become the medical assistant to the local witch when she travels around healing the wild animals in the area. But she turns out to be a crazy driver, and it’s up to Mr Moon to restore order and safety …

We are delighted to see Veronica achieve this well-deserved success and hope that her next books in the series do just as well! Anyone who is thinking about self-publishing their book, what have you got to lose? This started off as a hobby project and has now been picked up by a major publishing house; you never know what will be waiting around the corner!


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