Finding the Right Editor

The Amazing Power of Finding the Right Editor

Editors make books better. Some authors will tell you editors or the editing process are a huge pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you are finding […]
be your own editor

How To Be Your Own Editor

If you’re getting ready to approach literary agents and publishers, or even if you have decided to self-publish your work, it is important that you can […]
get the most out of novel editing

How to Make Sure Your Novel’s Ready for Editing

So you’ve decided to self-publish your novel, and you want to hire an editor to help.  After all, being an independent author doesn’t mean doing everything […]

Working With an Editor: 10 Top Tips

At the Writing East Midlands conference, Cressida Downing, a.k.a. The Book Analyst, gave an excellent workshop on the topic of Working with an Editor. Here are […]