One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘Why should I use your service?’ or even ‘Why should I use an ebook distribution service at all?’

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It’s certainly different, but it’s not our recommended book distribution method.

You can get your book on Kindle yourself using Createspace, can’t you? Well, yes – if that’s what you want to do. But what about all the other online bookstores? Not only the Nooks, KOBOs and iBooks but the smaller stores which enable your book to reach the parts of the world that other self-distributed books don’t reach. Recent figures put Amazon’s ebook market share at around 60% to 65% – which means that a lot of sales are via other platforms, so get yourself a slice of the pie!

Another reason to use a paid-for service is conversion. Conversion is the process of turning your book from a Word, pdf or InDesign file into an ePub file (or MOBI for Kindle).

There are sites which do conversions for you in a sort of ‘Word in, ePub out’ automated fashion. Far from being the simple process that it sounds, this takes a lot of effort by you, the author, to make sure your manuscript fits in with the rather unforgiving formatting rules. Poor formatting is a common source of low-star reviews – unfair on the writer, but it’s not surprising that glaring errors ruin people’s enjoyment of a book. And if your book is a non-fiction work complete with tables, diagrams and illustrations, you might as well forget it.

We do manual conversion, which means that you just send us your manuscript in Word, pdf or InDesign and we do the rest. Actual human beings look at the code itself – not just through a content management system – and check your book in all formats and on all devices to make sure it displays as you intended. It’s a digital version of the typesetter’s job in print, and makes the difference between an amateur-looking and professional-looking end result.

Most importantly, we pay you 100% royalties on everything you sell. Many ‘free’ DIY conversion services take a percentage out of your sales. Not us. You don’t need to earn a minimum amount before you get paid, either. If you’ve earned £1, we’ll pay you that £1.

Our aim is to make life easy for you and enable you to get your book on sale in stores around the world. There are lots of things that you could do yourself but pay other people to do for your convenience – like milking cows or making a pair of trousers*. Let us do the grunt work so that you can spend more time writing!


*If you have never tried either of those two things but feel that this blog has inspired to have a go, do write a poem or flash fiction about the experience and we will publish it on our blog.

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