Writers Checklist

Writers Checklist: From Writing to Distribution 

So you have compiled all your ideas and you have almost finished your book, one thing that is really useful is to have a checklist. After putting all that time and effort into the story there are bound to be things you have missed so we have compiled a Writers Checklist to help you progress through the proof reading stage to distribution.

  1. It’s worth noting that while you are writing, it is important to take some time after you’ve finished writing to read over what you have written. That way when it comes to the final proofreading stage there hopefully shouldn’t be as many things to correct.
  2. Could you have said what you are trying to convey in half as many words? It’s good to get someone else to read over your work because even though it makes perfect sense to you, someone else might find it really un-clear what you are trying to say.
  3. Read your work out loud! You can always get someone else to read it out for you too. This way you can follow along with the text and then correct accordingly as you hear any mistakes.
  4. Read your work backwards. When we are reading something our brains often automatically correct things for us. By reading your sentences backwards you are focusing on the individual words rather than the story, meaning you can more accurately check for spelling mistakes and errors.
  5. Make use of the computer’s searching abilities. Control + F on a PC and Command + F on a Mac enables you to search your document. That way you can search the whole document for words such as ‘its’ and ‘there’ to check that the grammar is correct for each, because spell check will not always catch these mistakes!
  6. Take notes as you go along, if you are busy checking for grammatical errors and discover a layout or formatting issue jot it down rather than fixing it straight away so that you don’t lose your focus on the task in hand.

Writers Checklist: What To Do Once You’ve Finished

So you have spent hours of your time on your work, you’ve finished but what happens next? The next step should be distributing your work. You can self publish your work through Help For Writers and receive 100% of your royalties, one-to-one support and more.

The next step is to make sure you’re promoting your work. How can people read it if they don’t know if exists? Social media is a massive tool that assists in making sure you are marketing your work. We offer marketing services that can help get your book in front of key tastemakers and reviewers.

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